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Stock List - New York House & Garage 12s

New York House & Garage 12s

The selection here covers house's most creatively vital period from the late eighties to early nineties when, particularly in the UK, the house and rave scene was huge. While the house sound was being jacked in Chicago, New York and New Jersey continued to make soulful dance records but embraced the growing production technologies available (and taking some influence from their peers in the Windy City). This is evident in the fact that while we in England were calling these records 'house', in NY and Jersey they referred to it simply as 'club' music, as they had referred to most dance music played in the clubs throughout the eighties.

Of course these records don't compare to the slickness of most of today's house productions but there is an innocence and rawness to many of these records which were made before house and the club scene became big business. From early soulful vocal tunes by groups like Blaze and Ten City to the more raucous sounds of Todd Terry and early Nu-Groove releases many timeless tunes were made. So if you are looking for a strong vocal club cut or a classic tune to take you back to the heady years of the house scene you should find something here of interest.

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Featured New York House & Garage 12s

 Bluemoon Productions
Track Show - Volume One
US CODE BLUE 12 inch - £75 VG+

Extremely Deep House 6 cut EP from Bluejean from 1990


The House Music Anthem
US ELECTRIC ICE 12 inch - £10 VG+

Female vocal cover version of the Marshall Jefferson hit


Join Hands
US BIG BEAT 12 inch - £7 VG+

Stirring deep gospel flavoured vocal house from 1987 which stands the test of time!


55 further items in stock

2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman and a Dominican - Do It Properly
US GROOVELINE 12 inch - £5 vg++

B. U. D. - Beat U Down EP
US OPUS 12 inch - £15
Unique deep hard edged house sound from MUNDO MUZIQUE(the man behind REVELATION) consisting mainly of spaced out moody keys and tricky beats

Billie - Nobody's Business
US FLEETWOOD 12 inch - £6 Nr. Mint
Classic early raw Garage sound produced by Timmy Regisford & Boyd Jarvis!

Blaze - Can't Win For Losin'
US QUARK 12 inch Company Sleeve - £6 Nr. Mint - looks unplayed
Original soulful house from the masters - love those vocals

Blaze - We All Must Live Together
US MOTOWN 12 inch Promo in Company Sleeve - £6
Classic blaze taken from the 25 years later LP with a remix from TIMMY REGISFORD

Blaze - Whatcha Gonna Do
US QUARK 12 inch - £5 Nr. Mint
Early Blaze tune from 1986

Bluejean - Paradise
US TOP SECRET 12 inch - £12 Nr. Mint with tiny sticker on label
Deep dark moody house with a rough bassline from 1 of New York's most underground producers

Bogus Brothers (Depeche Mode) - Violation 15 (Little 15)
US BOGUS BROTHERS 12 inch - £4
Unofficial housed up remix of the DEPECHE MODE tune

Colonel Abrams - How Soon We Forget
US MCA 12 inch Picture cover - £5
Early house / garage sound from the Colonel from 1987

Cultural Vibe - Mind Games
US EASY STREET 12 inch - £4

Dee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart / What Is Love
US ELEKTRA 12 inch Picture cover - £7 VG+ / light cover wear

Delta 12 - Volatile / Feel Safe
US HANGMAN 12 inch - £6
V. experimental house sound from the Hangman

Frequency X - Czech This Out / Time Is Running Out
US RADICAL 12 inch - £12 Nr. Mint
Killer - Underground experimental acid house tunes

Groovement - Music
US BOTTOMLINE 12 inch - £4 VG++
Early house tune from the Bottomline crew

Ivan Goff featuring Tina Brown - Hard Core Party
US BIG CITY 12 inch - £5 Sealed
Early house DJ Harvey spin from the early days of Tonka

Jack The Dutchman - Love Is A Crime
US M 12 inch - £4
Early Chicago style house tune out of New York

Jeanne Harris - Just Another Man
US STUDIO 12 inch - £5
NYC house tune from 1987 with strong female vocal

KC Flightt - Jump For Joy
US RCA 12 inch Promo - £4

Last Generation - Feel My Love
US LOWER LEVEL 12 inch - £8 VG++
Bob Blank in the house

Lenny Dee - New Grooves
US NUGROOVE 12 inch - £6
9 track 12" of house grooves from LENNY D & FRANKIE BONES

Lost Entity - Bring That Back (One More Time)
US NU GROOVE 12 inch - £8 VG+
4 cut EP from Joey Beltram & Paradise

Mandatory Bass - Got Me Groovin / It's A Love-A-Lee
US NU GROOVE 12 inch - £4 EX

Massive Sounds - Ruff & Massive / Free South Africa
US NUGROOVE 12 inch - £5 VG+
Bobby Konders fuses the deep garage sound with a reggae influence - this tune lifts the bassline from MANU DIBANGO - 'New Bell'

Mr. Fingers - What About This Love
US MCA 12 inch Picture cover - £6 Nr. Mint - looks unplayed
1992 remixes from Masters At Work / Etc

Otis Day & The Knights - Something Dumb
US MCA 12 inch Promo in Company Sleeve - £8
Another DJ HARVEY tune from MOIST days dubbed out house. Promo with 4 extra mixes Inc. House Mellow & Accapella

Phase ll - Reachin' Remix
UK REPUBLIC 12 inch Company Sleeve With Sleeve Sticker - £3 EX
Classic BLAZE anthem with a decent UK remix

Philly Cream - Love Can't Turn Around
US COTILLION 12 inch Promo - £5
East coast cover version of the Chicago classic!

Raze - Let The Music Move U
US GROVE ST. 12 inch - £5
Nice male vocal house from New Jersey

Raze - Jack The Groove / Jump In Your Dance
US GROVE ST. 12 inch - £4 WOL VG+
Original 4 track EP containing their 1st hit before Break 4 Love

Raze - What'Cha Gonna Do WIth Me / Control Me / Let The Music Move U / Get Do
US GROVE ST. 12 inch - £5 WOL
NYC male vocal house produced by VAUGHAN MASON

Raze - Bass Power
US GROVE ST. 12 inch - £7 Sealed
5 versions

Raze / White Knight - Jack Up Work Your Body / White Knight Jacks
UK 12 inch Promo with Official sleeve Sticker - £3 vg+ WOL

Risse - Chain Of Fools
US ATLANTIC 12 inch Promo - £4
Steve Silk Hurley cover of Aretha classic

Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend
US RCA 12 inch Promo with Official sleeve Sticker - £12
Classic DEF mix production!

Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend
US RCA 12 inch - £15
Classic DEF mix production!

Satori - Satori Remix
US YOSHITOSHI 12 inch - £5

Screamin-Rachael - Fun With Bad Boyz
US GRAND HIP HOUSE GROOVE 12 inch - £7 Sealed
Female vocal house tune

Strafe - Get Enough / More Than Enough
US NEW MEDIUM 12 inch Picture cover - £12 Some light cover wear

Suzie and the Cubans - I Feel It
US POPULAR 12 inch - £6

Tammy Lucas - Hey Boy
US SUPERTRONICS 12 inch Company Sleeve - £4 VG+
Great early garage production from Boyd Jarvis & Timmy Regisford from 1986 strong vocal still sounds fresh!

Ten City - Right Back To You / One Kiss Will Make It
US ATLANTIC 12 inch Company Sleeve With Sleeve Sticker - £6 Nr. Mint - looks unplayed
2 classic soulful house tunes produced by MARSHALL JEFFERSON!

Ten City - Devotion
US ATLANTIC 12 inch Promo in Company Sleeve - £15 Mint Unplayed!
Promo copy with extra unreleased ACCA-VOTION ACCAPELLA! Classic soulful house tune from B. STINGILY & MARSHALL JEFFERSON from 1987

Ten City - Right Back To You
US ATLANTIC 12 inch Promo in Company Sleeve - £7 Nr. Mint Saw cut / light cover wear
3 Versions

Ten City - Devotion
US ATLANTIC 12 inch Company Sleeve - £5 VG+
Classic soulful house tune from B. STINGILY & MARSHALL JEFFERSON from 1987

Tony G - Tony's Song
US MICMAC 12 inch - £8
Sound of 88 house features spoken word from the godfather movie!

Touch - Love Fixation
US SUPERTRONICS 12 inch - £6 Sealed
Deep house East coast style from 1987

Touch - Without You
Lots of nice male vocal soulful garage tunes

Tribal House - Dim Dae
US POW WOW 12 inch - £5
Classic early afro house from WINSTON JONES

Tribal Son - Rhythmic Rituals
US EASY STREET 12 inch - £10
New Jersey style drum & bassline 7 cut EP

Ulysses - Magic Wand
US SENSATIONS 12 inch - £5

Vandal - The Laws Of Chants - Volume One
US NU GROOVE 12 inch - £4 EX

Vertigo - Step Into My World
US MELANTONE 12 inch - £5
Great little early house/freestyle tune

Vortex - Clubtown Beat / Destiny / Searching
US DJ TOOL 12 inch - £7
Nice New Jersey style garage groove

Wendell Williams - Everybody
US MINIMAL 12 inch Picture cover - £2 Nr. Mint - looks unplayed

Will Downing - The World Is A Ghetto
UK 4th & BROADWAY 2x12 inch Promo - £10
Killer Red Zone mixes from Frankie Knuckles & David Morales of this deep house cover


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