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Arthur Russell
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Closed Auction - March 2003

Rare HipHop/Electro 12s

 Tanya-Sweet Tee-Winley
Vicious Rap

Sealed copy of this classic old school tune from Winley
with CYMANDE’S classic break on the flip.

 Tanya - Paulette Winley
I Believe In The Wheel Of Fortune

Sealed copy of this always hard to find funky old
school tune from the Winley sisters. Also has nice funky
Instrumental version from The HARLEM UNDERGROUND BAND

 Trouble Funk
Pump Me Up/E Flat Boogie/Hollyrock/Roll With It

Sealed copy of the original issue on their own label
from 1980 of this classic Go Go/break tune.

 Marley Marl
Marley Marl Scratch

Mint copy of this all time classic that was even hard
to find on it’s release in 1985. Featuring M.C.SHAN

 Steinski & The Mass Media
The Motorcade Sped On

Legendary rare promo only release from Steinski, cut
and paste job telling the story of president Kennedy’s
assasination. Not mint, has a few light surface marks.
Plays perfect on one side – has same song on both sides.

 19th Fleet
Star Raid

You may remember this from the Mike Allen radio show
back in the eighties if like me you used to tune in
to get your weekly electro/rap fix. Always been hard to
find, this copy is in near mint condition.

Ultra-Sonic Breakdance

Near mint promo copy of this rare electro joint.

 Show & AG
Got The Flava/You Know Now

Mint- copy with BPM written on both sides of label.
Features 3 Buckwild remixes of YOU KNOW NOW + 3
mixes of GOT THE FLAVA

 Main Source
Watch Roger Do His Thing

Original sealed copy with picture sleeve!

 Pete Rock And C.L.Smooth
Good Life

Rare promo only 12 Inch in Mint- condition.
Features EP mix and GROUP HOME Remix!

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