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Stock List - Funky Rock & Folk 12s

Funky Rock & Folk 12s

White artists have been influenced by black music since Elvis’s appropriation of the R&B sound in the ’50s. This continued into the ’60s with The Beatles’ Motown-influenced songwriting style, right through to the seventies. Many of the most interesting rock bands had multi-ethnic line-ups. In the words of Norman Cook, “If they've got long hair and beards, and look like they smoke pot they’re likely to make better records. Especially those big bands with eight of them in; half white, half black and they look like they all take acid.” He’s not wrong.

The influences also went the other way, too, with both Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis bringing the flavour of rock into the black experience. The jazz-rock era produced a bewildering array of cross-pollinated sounds, styles and haircuts, as well as some great music. In the early days of discotheques in the US, before the birth of disco and the 12-inch single, many of the pioneering DJs would play soul 45s and obscure tracks from rock LPs which had the groove to make the people move. Funky rock tunes were often spun at legendary New York clubs and parties such as The Gallery, Tambourine and The Loft.

In recent years DJs and collectors on the rare groove scene, in their never ending search for music, have discovered and rediscovered many great tunes on rock and folk albums which have ‘The Funk’. And, of course, the hip hop and breaks DJs and producers have also done their own investigations into the realms of rock, jazz-rock and folk.

The selection you’ll find here is a mixture of artists from the folk, rock and pop arenas whose music will appeal to DJs or fans of black dance music. Taken out of their original context and placed alongside more traditional forms of R&B they make total sense. Although many of the songs here were probably not intended to be used as straight-up dancefloor fodder, they nevertheless take on a new and unexpected life when played from the perspective of a DJ.

Featured Funky Rock & Folk 12s

CHILE EMI LP Gatefold - £40 Strict VG / check clip from this copy

Argentina Prog band who get Funky & Fusiony from time to time


 Anarchic System
FRANCE DELPHINE LP - £12 VG+ / light sleeve wear

title tune is 19 minute epic Funky Rock tune which grows & grows - DJ Harvey spin


 Big Jim Sullivan
Sitar Beat

Cool funky rock with Sitar which works best on TALLYMAN / SUNSHINE SUPERMAN


 Blue Jays
US MAP CITY LP Gatefold - £65 Sealed - no cut out!

Great funky psyche sound with so many good tunes WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME WOMAN as sampled by NAS/Large Professor. HEY LITTLE LADY / INDEPENDENT MAN / HARD THING TO ACCEPT / BEG BORROW & STEAL / WAHKA WAHKA / Etc...


 Cat Mother
The Street Giveth.. And Taketh Away
US POLYDOR LP - £18 EX / light ring wear

Inc. the funky rock hybrid Instrumental TRACK IN A which has a Lofty feel!


 Cat Mother
The Street Giveth.. And Taketh Away
US POLYDOR LP - £12 Strict VG / light sleeve wear / cut out hole

Inc. the funky rock hybrid Instrumental TRACK IN A which has a Lofty feel!


 Cat Mother
The Street Giveth.. And Taketh Away
US POLYDOR LP - £10 Strict VG / taped cover - ringwear

Inc. the funky rock hybrid Instrumental TRACK IN A which has a Lofty feel!


 Circus Maximus
Circus Maximus
US VANGUARD LP - £15 G+ / ring wear / loads of scuffs but plays better than it looks / check clip from this copy

sixties rock vocal LP Inc. CHESS GAME / WIND / SHORT HAIRED FATHERS / Etc... Gold label 1st pressing


Life Is Round
US COLUMBIA LP - £45 VG+ / light sleeve wear

Tough funky electric jazz set Inc. BUZZARD FEATHERS / LIFE IS ROUND / THE RIPPER / Etc..


 Country Funk
Country Funk
US POLYDOR LP - £15 VG / sticker on sleeve / Cut out / WOL - minor sleeve wear / repair

Great Raw Funk-Rock sound on WHEN I'M WITHOUT YOU / POOR BOY / NOT THIS TIME


 David Peel & The Lower East Side
The American Revolution
US ELEKTRA LP Gatefold - £12 VG / lots of light marks but plays great - check clip / sleeve great with small cut out



ICELAND EIK LP - £35 Strict VG / some weird marks here & there / check clip

Funk-Rock-Psyche lp which is Funkiest on STORMY MONDAY / FUNKY BEAT / KEEP ON GOIN'. On side 2 is 2 long Prog tunes / last on the soundclip & condition is a little worse on Side 2


US REPRISE LP Gatefold - £25 Strict VG - plays fine / check clip from this copy

All girl group with 2 Funky Rock winners IT TAKES A LOT OF GOOD LOVIN' & SHADE ME. White Label Promo


 Flaming Ember
Westbound # 9
US HOT WAX LP - £13 Nr. Mint with small cut out hole

Proper Blue eyed group doing Soul and the backing is similar to Honeycone on the same label. Inc. STOP THE WORLD AND LET ME OFF / SPINNING WHEEL / WESTBOUND #9 / SHADES OF GREEN / THIS GIRL IS A WOMAN NOW / Etc..


 Geoff & Maria Muldaur
Pottery Pie
US REPRISE LP - £20 Sealed with small cut out bottom right / partly open on top edge



 Giorgio Moroder
Son Of My Father
US DUNHILL LP - £35 Nr. Mint / tiny cut out hole

1972 Debut lp which doesn't give many clues that he will become an electronics pioneer as it's on more of a Funky Groovy Rock tip with dancefloor potential on LORD RELEASE ME / WATCH YOUR STEP and great spacy percussion intro on LONDON TRAFFIC


 Group XEX
US WHAT'S THAT MUSIC LP - £50 Strong EX / check clip from this copy

Great leftfield vocal electronic New wave/No wave with home made sleeve


 Jeff Cooper And The Stoned Wings
Tribute To Jimi Hendrix
GERMANY EUROPA LP - £8 G+ / writing on label & sleeve / looks battered but plays decent - check clip

Inc. the dope funky rock tune GETTING BUSTED


 Jimi Hendrix
The Cry Of Love
US REPRISE (MS 2034) LP With Official sleeve Sticker - £150 Sealed no cut out with sleeve sticker

Original issue with Gatefold sleeve & Sleeve sticker


 Jules Blattner Group
Call Me Man!
US BUDDAH LP - £25 Nr. Mint in shrink / no cuts!

US Rock from 1971 but Funky with several decent tunes MY BABE / BIRTH / BULLSHIT / MAN


GERMANY POOL LP - £8 EX / price sticker on back

Has one slow Disco Sleeze style tune AUF DEN MEEREN


 Los Jaivas
Los Jaivas
ARGENTINA DIORAMA LP - £32 Strict grade / Looks VG but as you'll hear from the clip plays great

Chilean Prog-Jazz-Rock classic. This is a French pressing from 1979 of a 1975 lp. Check the extended soundclip


 Los Jaivas / Pablo Neruda
Alturas De Machu Pichu
ARGENTINA SAZAM LP Gatefold - £40 VG+ some sleeve wear

Funky Prog Rock from Chile via Argentina


Out Here
US BLUE THUMB 2xLP - £20 VG++ sleeve has pretty bad wear & seam split

Monster rock break on DOGGONE!


 Mark lewis Trio
Works Hard And Plays Well
US C & M LP - £45 Nr. Mint in shrink!

Good versions of SHE'S NOT HERE & GOING OUT OF MY HEAD & repeated drum drops of FUNKY STREET plus break on the version of GRAPEVINE & the version of CARAVAN is a crazy psychedelic funky rock jamm


 Mom's Apple Pie
Mom's Apple Pie
US BROWN BAG LP - £12 Strong EX / light sleeve wear

Rock lp with controversial sleeve which depicts 'Moms Apple Pie' being very pink inside - has a cover of COLD BLOOD 'I JUST WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU'


 Nanette Workman
Nanette Workman
US BIG TREE LP - £10 Nr. Mint / with tiny saw cut & small sticker on sleeve

Another of those Great Funked up rock tunes that made it big on the underground club scene in the mid seventies! IF IT WASN'T FOR THE MONEY - she wouldn't be on the game!


 National Head Band
Albert 1
UK WARNER BROTHERS LP - £20 Strict VG / light sleeve wear / clip from this copy

Classic funky Psych/rock sound feat. members of URIAH HEEP & CARAVAN


We Had To Let You Have It
UK DAWN LP - £75 VG to VG+ / sleeve has basic wear & marks from removed price stickers

1971 Funky Rock & Psyche release from the legendary Dawn label Inc. INDIAN ROPE MAN / THE SYSTEM / HOW LONG / BEGGAR MAN / IN MEMORY OF LADY X / JU JU MAN / Etc.. VG to VG+ overall VG+ but the song RAIN is badly scratched - not an important tune to my ears. Check the extended clip


 Rare Earth
US VERVE (Blue Deep Groove) LP - £45 Strong EX / small cut out / light sleeve wear

Debut lp from one of the most famous white groups that do Funk & Soul Inc. their first recording of GET READY and a whole bunch more 6-3-4-5 / STOP-WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO / SEARCHIN' / MORNING / Etc..


 Rare Earth
US RARE EARTH LP Gatefold - £25 VG+ / check clip from this copy

Great 1973 lp Produced & with several tunes written by Norman Whitfield. Inc. SMILING FACES SOMETIMES / HUM ALONG AND DANCE / BIG JOHN IS MY NAME and the 17 minute MA


 Rare Earth
Get Ready
US RARE EARTH LP - £8 Strict VG / check clip from this copy

Classic 21 Minute Funky rock monster that was a hit in the early underground clubs! IN BED as sampled by Master Ace


 Rodolfo Mederos Y Generacion Cero
De Todas Maneras
ARGENTINA DIORAMA LP - £42 VG+ / light sleeve wear

Prog-Jazz-Rock with a touch of Tango from Argentina. Check the extended soundclip


 Rotary Connection
Rotary Connection
UK CHECKER LP - £35 Nr. Mint

Inc. that great sitar sample from TRIBE'S Bonita Applebum - BLACK NOISE/MEMORY BAND. Later issue


 Rotary Connection
UK CHESS LP - £40 Strict VG / light sleeve wear

Moody beat intro with atmospheric strings on SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE + a great version of RESPECT as sampled by Souls Of Mischeif & BURNING THE MIDNIGHT LAMP has also been used. Original UK issue with laminated flipback sleeve


 Rotary Connection
US CADET CONCEPT LP - £35 EX / writing on back / check clip from this copy

Moody beat intro with atmospheric strings on SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE + a great version of RESPECT as sampled by SOULS OF MISCHEIF & BURNING THE MIDNIGHT LAMP has also been used


 Russ Ballard
UK EPIC LP - £8 Nr. Mint

Mid seventies Rock lp with one Funky tune ARE YOU CUCKOO? and slight Steely Dan vibes on FAKIN' LOVE


All Funked Up
UK CAPITOL LP - £10 VG+ / light sleeve wear / clip from this copy

Mid seventies Funky Rock Inc. DON'T KEEP ME WONDERIN' / TURN AROUND / DANCING FEET & LOCK AND KEY which reminds me a little of Black Betty


 Sweet Salvation
Sweet Salvation
US ELEKTRA LP - £7 EX in shrink / cut corner

Mixed black & white group & the singer appears to be black but sounds a bit more Rock somehow. Great long version of ROCK STEADY that builds & builds & the Funky leftfield tune I JUST FIND MYSELF FALLING


Just For You
US REPRISE LP Gatefold - £15 VG / top seam split & light ring wear / check clip from this copy

Inc. their great version of COMPARED TO WHAT & title track has some bright moments with heavy latin percussion breaks! with insert lyric sheet


Just For You
US REPRISE LP Gatefold - £10 G+ / top seam split & bad ring wear / / tiny writing on label / check clip from this copy

Inc. their great version of COMPARED TO WHAT & title track has some bright moments with heavy latin percussion breaks! with insert lyric sheet G+ but plays way better than it looks - check clip from this copy


 The Clocks
The Clocks
BRAZIL SOM LIVRE (Orange Series) LP - £65 Strict VG / sleeve nice / plays great - check clip from this copy

Unusual Rock / Psyche / Breaks style lp out of Brazil Inc. DEVIL'S ANSWER / CHARLIE'S SONG TEACH ME / TO CRY YOU A SONG / HAPPINESS / Etc..


 The Seven Ages Of Man
The Seven Ages Of Man

Great set of Jazzy Funky Psyche with loads of breaks too


 The Ventures
New Testament
US UNITED ARTISTS LP - £10 Nr. Mint in shrink / cut out bottom right

Guitar led Instrumental group get funky on KATANA / PESADO / WHOLE LOTTA LOVE / Etc...


 Turley Richards
US ATLANTIC LP - £8 Nr. Mint / played once / gold promo stamp on sleeve

has a very Soft Rock / AOR cover of YOU MIGHT NEED SOMEBODY & THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG has an ethereal end section


FRANCE VERTIGO LP - £15 VG+ / light sleeve wear / beginning of seam split bottom right / clip from this copy

Inc. the amazing early morning acoustic tune LET IT HAPPEN


 Various Artists
The Circus Comes To Town
UK CIRCUS LP - £35 Strong EX with poster

1981 comp of New Wave & Experimental with most tunes exclusive to this lp. Standouts are The Dangerous Brothers - SECRET SEVEN / The Bite - JOHN WAYNE / Alarm Clox - NO ADMISSION / Gold - MUSCLE POWER


 Various Artists
San Francisco
US SAN FRANCISCO LP - £10 Strict VG / light sleeve wear

Label comp. Inc. the lovely rock/funk/jazz scat vocal tune TUANE by HAMMER - big club cut!


14 further items in stock

Carole King - Fantasy
US ODE LP - £7 Mint / Unplayed - 2nd press maybe?
Inc. the original version of CORAZON which is great!

Carole King - Fantasy
US ODE LP Promo - £7 Cut out / some discolouration of the back cover
Inc. the original version of CORAZON which is great!

Cold Blood - Sisyphus
US SAN FRANCISCO LP Gatefold - £7 WOC - front & back / WOL
Funky West Coast rock Inc. SHOP TALK

Cybill Shepherd - Cybill does it...to Cole Porter
US PARAMOUNT LP Gatefold - £8 Nr. Mint / Small holes drilled in the cover
Includes Poster.

Ford Theatre - Time Changes
US ABC LP Gatefold - £10 WOC - back neat

Henry Cow - Henry Cow Concerts
UK COMPENDIUM 2xLP Gatefold - £25 SOL

James Last - Voodoo Party
UK POLYDOR LP - £10 Nr. Mint
Mr Last has a couple of decent Funky lp's - this one see's him going a bit Bongo Band style with layers of drums & Percussion on cuts like SING A SIMPLE SONG / JINGO / EVERYDAY PEOPLE / INNER CITY BLUES / Etc..

Maria Muldaur - Maria Muldaur
US REPRISE LP Gatefold - £6 Nr. Mint
Inc. a lovely funky folksy female vocal version of MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS. Second issue from 1976

Neal Fox - A Painting
US RCA LP - £7 EX light sleeve wear
Great white singer doing a disco track with berimbau and percussion section IN THE JUNGLE!

Player - Player
US RSO LP - £6 WOC - front - neat
BABY COME BACK was the mid tempo hit from this all white group which did get some club play. I think you could describe this as yacht rock these days

Stuffy And His Frozen Parachute Band - Stuffy And His Frozen Parachute Band

The Electric Prunes - Mass In F Minor
UK MIDI LP Reissue - £8 VG++ sticker on cover - top right cut corner
DAVID AXELROD Produced psyche rock moodyness! 1974 UK reissue of classic 1968 lp

The Keane Brothers - Taking Off
US ABC LP - £20
Quality blue eyed disco soul sound from 1979 produced by LAMONT DOZIER with several good cuts ONE THING ON MY MIND / DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT / YOU'RE RUNNING AWAY & a version of CANDY

Wayne Cochran And His C.C. Riders - Alive And Well And Living In A Bitch Of A World
US KING LP Gatefold - £20 VG+ cut out
Funky stuff from a Funky Southern white dude Inc. the instrumental CHOPPER 70 + vocal tunes C.C. RIDER / RIDERS BLUES / Etc.. then there is the long tune LET ME COME WITH YOU which really stretches out and gets all psychedelic


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